— Steamers 08 Atlanta United Win at the VIT! —

Steamers 08 Atlanta United kicked off their season in style with a good showing on home turf at this year’s VIT tournament. The boys did their Pele Academy pool proud by clinching the championship with three straight victories, 11 goals and, more importantly, three convincing performances.
A huge focus for this group has been challenging the depth of their decision-making and ability to problem-solve more independently on the field. For the most part, the kids relished this challenge and some of the collective and individual moments on and off the ball were a joy to watch as they continued to grow as leaders and teammates.
Go steamers!

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  1. Jean Jones on February 20, 2019 at 4:36 pm

    Being the grandmother of one of these boys and a spectator of this tournament, I am highly impressed with the way their coach talks to them. He educates, motivates and encourages respectfully and it shows in their good sportsmanship. Big hooray for Steamers 08!

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