2018-2019 Boys Staffing

AgeTeam ListCoach 1Coach 2Note
12USteamers 07 BlackJarred Brookins
12USteamers 07 Black IIWill Nsougan
12USteamers 07 WhiteJohn Robertson
13USteamers 06 BlackCarlo Schiavoni
13USteamers 06 Black IIJason Neumann
13USteamers 06 Black IIIBrian Meadows
13USteamers 06 WhiteWill Schilleci
14USteamers 05 BlackCarlo Schiavoni
14USteamers 05 Black IIJohn Vincent
14USteamers 05 WhiteWill Nsougan
15USteamers 04 BlackCarlo SchiavoniRocky Harmon
15USteamers 04 Black IIRusty Cowley
16USteamers 03 BlackLuke Whittle
16USteamers 03 Black IIRusty Cowley
16USteamers 03 WhiteRobert Starr
17USteamers 02 BlackLuke Whittle
17USteamers 02 Black IIChris Blight
18USteamers 01 BlackJarred Brookins
18USteamers 01 Black IIRobert Starr
19USteamers 00 BlackJarred Brookins
19USteamers 00 WhiteWill Nsougan
19U*Steamers HS Age TeamStaff
Boys U12-U19 Competitive Team Coaching Staff • Last Updated 5/12/2018

2018-2019 Girls Staffing

AgeTeam ListCoach 1Coach 2Note
12UAttack 07 BlackIke UdehRocky Harmon
12UAttack 07 Black IIIke UdehRocky Harmon
12UAttack 07 WhiteLauren Pineda
13UAttack 06 BlackKat Nichols
13UAttack 06 WhiteJason Neumann
14UAttack 05 BlackAmy Disko
14UAttack 05 WhiteAli Sadler
15UAttack 04 BlackKat Nichols
16UAttack 03 BlackAmy Disko
17UAttack 02 BlackLuke WhittleAmy Disko
17UAttack 02 WhiteKat Nichols
18UAttack 01 BlackStaff
18UAttack 01 WhiteKen Headley
19UAttack 00 BlackStaff
Girls U12-U19 Competitive Team Coaching Staff • Last Updated 6/14/2018

2018-2019 Boys Pele Academy Staffing

AgeBoysCoach 1Coach 2Note
11UBoys 2008 PA LP DempseyStaff
11UBoys 2008 PA LP BeasleyJohn Robertson
11UBoys 2008 PA LP (team name)Jon Mike Stern
10UBoys 2009 PA LP CameronJohn Vincent
10UBoys 2009 PA LP AltidoreBrian Meadows
9UBoys 2010 PA LP NagbeChris Blight
9UBoys 2010 PA LP DonovanJon Mike Stern
11UBoys 2008 PA CEN PulisicCorey Smith
11UBoys 2008 PA CEN BradleyConnor Quiggle
11UBoys 2008 PA CEN (team name)Staff
10UBoys 2009 PA CEN BrooksConnor Quiggle
10UBoys 2009 PA CEN GuzanCorey Smith
9UBoys 2010 PA CEN HowardGavin Owens
9UBoys 2010 PA CEN YedlinStaff
Boys U9-U11 Pele Academy Staffing • Last Updated 6/14/2018

2018-2019 Girls Pele Academy Staffing

AgeTeam ListCoach 1Coach 2Note
11UGirls 2008 PA LP LloydJeremy McLane
11UGirls 2008 PA LP BrianSamantha Corker
10UGirls 2009 PA LP JohnstonJeremy McLane
10UGirls 2009 PA LP KreigerAdam Johnson
9U/10UGirls 2010 PA LP/CEN HeathStaff
11UGirls 2008 PA LP/CEN LongAli Sadler
11UGirls 2008 PA CEN MorganAmanda Abbott
10UGirls 2009 PA CEN O'HaraJamie Hammond
9U/10UGirls 2009 PA CEN PughAlex Carroll
Girls U9-U11 Pele Academy Staffing • Last Updated 5/12/2018
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