— Schiavoni is Competitive Boys Coach of the Year! —

Boys Competitive Coach of the Year

Congratulations to our Boys Director of Coaching, Carlo Schiavoni, for winning the Alabama Soccer Association Boys Competitive Coach of the Year Award at the recent Annual General Meeting!

Carlo is a truly deserving winner, and we are proud of how he represents our club on a daily basis!

About Carlo

Carlo, born in Montreal Quebec, played his college soccer at the University of Alabama Birmingham before turning coach.  Carlo was named Boys Director of Coaching back in March of 2016, where he has set the bar for Club and Coach!  Carlo prides himself on perfection and putting players first.  He is a tough coach who demands quality and emphasizes great technique.  Carlo also has a great reputation as a leader and a coach who cares for players.

2 Years Running

Carlo’s award marks the second year in a row Vestavia Soccer has brought home with the hardware!  After Director of Soccer Luke Whittle won the award last year, Carlo has continued the tradition bringing excellence, refinement, organization, and a great presence on and off the field to Vestavia Soccer and the Boy’s Competitive Program.

We are excited about Carlo on his accomplishments and his future in soccer!

Parli Italiano?

Even though Carlo was born in Montreal Quebec and is fluent in French, you find out very quickly that Carlo family lineage stems from Italy.  Carlo is not only fluent in French and English, but he also fluent in Italian!  How can you tell?  During games, Carlo’s Italian comes out via his hand communication and talking!

Check out the photo of Carlo’s Italian while coaching!  

Carlo is a great example for Coaches and Players alike!  We are proud of him and his accomplishments!


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